Annual Summer Vacation Bible School Program

John McMahon
Office Phone: 878-5331, ext. 202


Dates for 2017 VBS:          9AM-12 Noon Daily /Mon. - Fri., July 17-21 @ HFSL Parish Hall

Background Information on our 2017 VBS:

This annual program is truly unmatched in its attempt to blend fun and faith enrichment for our youngest disciples. I consider it to be the very finest program we offer each year. Once again, we will make an imaginary trip back in time to learn about another formative period of our Christian Faith. This time, we journey to the ancient city of Ephesus (located in modern-day Turkey) where many believe Mary, the Mother of Jesus, lived the last years of her life (under the care of St. John the Evangelist) before her Assumption into Heaven. There, we will learn all about this remarkable woman the Church proclaims as “Theotokos” -the Mother of God. We will strive to be more like her & say “your will be done” whenever God calls upon us. The program is ideal for children, ages 5 and above (5th grade seems to be the typical limit). Younger children are welcome to attend, but need to have a supervising adult or guardian present at all times.

Your children will…

  • Sing, dance, pray, eat, and play outdoor period-related games & activities!
  • Create AMAZING, period-related crafts designed by educators!
  • Experience hilarious, dramatic skits that will make the person of Mary come alive
  • Delve into Bible stories & Church Teachings about Mary.
  • Learn to make & then pray the Rosary.
  • Connect these stories to the Sacraments!
  • Be guided by compassionate catechists that will challenge & invigorate your child’s Catholic faith!

The registration fee is $40 / per child if completed by Sunday, June 25 ($100 for family of 3 or more). After that date, the fee rises to $55 /per child (or $120 for family of 3 or more). Scholarships are always available

Contact John McMahon (878-5331, ext. 202/ for more information on our Vacation Bible School Program.

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The Epic 2016 VBS Water Balloon Fight

Photos from 2016 VBS

Pictures from the 2014 VBS

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Pictures from the 2013 VBS

Recent VBS Testimonials:

“The children see their Church in action, which will make a big impact in the long run.  They see people of all ages being excited about our Catholic faith, taking time to share it with them through skits, saints-in-costume, games, crafts, songs, and discussion.  I believe seeds have been planted in all the children that, with careful nourishing, will develop into a deeper understanding of faith.”

“VBS is an amazing experience for our children.  They bond with fellow Catholics their age and bring home exceptional crafts which can be kept for years to come.  The saints come alive; Mass and Reconciliation are celebrated.  What more could you ask for in a summer program?”

“VBS is engaged, multi-generational Church at its best.  The day opens and closes with lively singing and dancing together, which builds and strengthens the sense of Christian community.”

“VBS definitely passes the litmus test for pre-adolescents. It creates Christian community where it’s ‘cool’ to have faith and celebrate it.  The jousting, catapults, and water balloon fights didn’t hurt either!”   

“I have never met a kid who was happy to have VBS end.  Every child has a blast during a fun-filled, themed week and wants to come back next year, even if too old to participate, but to volunteer.”

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